As part of the low-residency model at the Vermont College of Fine Arts (VCFA), each student is asked to create a monthly packet that synthesizes everything that was done, made, and learned each month of the semester. These packets are oftentimes difficult to put together, as they are self-initiated, self-guided, and self-reflective.

First Semester

During my first semester at VCFA, I worked on attaining greater self-knowledge and self-awareness. This was done both at a personal level, and in relation to my love/hate relationship and overall experience with Graphic Design. I worked extensively on discovering and defining my core personal values and considered how these relate to my current and ever-evolving design practice.

Second Semester

During my second semester, I uncovered a deep-rooted passion for paper. As I made and worked with paper I began to mindfully exercise my new-found values, able to slowly extend beyond the limitations of my 2-dimensional comfort zone. I recycled and repurposed junk mail to create colorful compositions, shapes, forms and patterns, while considering sustainability and responsibility in design.

Third Semester

My third semester gained focus in content as I aimed to explore and understand the concepts of conflict & peace. This exploration enriched my perspective, especially in relation to my preconceived notions that defined what I believe is art and what distinguishes it from what I believe is design.

Fourth Semester

Together, my experiences and discoveries from this amazing graduate journey led me to develop a thesis entitled BECOMING THE SPACE IN BETWEEN. Wholeheartedly, it is a surrendering and an acknowledgment of how I view, navigate, and reinterpret the world around me through design. It is also an exploration of 'space' which I hope can become a tool for other designers, other artists, to consider and more deeply understand their own aesthetic and making tendencies and which can provide a guiding light for self-understanding.